Schweser Qbank

Is the Qbank worth it? I have heard it sucks, but just wanted to get other people’s opinion.

It’s good to plug away at work, but not that great to really incorporate it as a cornerstone of your study approach

The value addition from the qbank is nothing compared to what you get in level 1 (or level 2 for that matter with item sets). In level 3, just use the qbank as a way to memorize concepts. At times things you’ve overlooked in the reading can appear.

I am repeater and used Q-bank. I think the q-bank for L3 is a big waste of time. Once you complete 30% to 40% of q-bank, you will see that the same type of questions repeat. Instead of wasting your time by using q-bank, try to go through all the text book examples and you will be much more rewarded. And if you still have time, I prefer you to go through the advanced questions of the q-bank.

Though I agree with comments earlier about Qbank 3, not as useful as level 2, I still recommend having it. I find the summary of the LOS missing key points many times and LOS Quiz too simple. However, I find it useful as starting point of my own summary (just cut and paste into your own Word doc) and start editing --> big time saver. It is important since - It forces you focussing on the LOS instead of meandering through the text without knowing what to learn, which brings me to the next point. - The CFAI text level 3, I find, is very wordy, with repeating points across SS (e.g., you find explanation of behavioral finance, IPS, hedging, exchange rate,… repeated several times with slight and sometime contradicting explanation) and from level 2. Reading QB summary beforehand making you aware what you have to look for before reading the text. Bottom line: still value-added.