Schweser Qbank

I’ve been taking the practice test from Schweser, and keep making approx. 85%. What should I strive to make before moving on to the next topic? I’m on Corporate Finance now.

Try changing the test difficulty level in Qbank to exclude basic and intermediary questions.

I’m also using QBank for L1 at the minute. I’m also a little concerned about my scores (i.e. I’m also getting 70%-85%). I’d heard on this forum that if you’re scoring above 70% you should consider yourself ready. I’m having difficulty believing this.

Related question. I usually create 15 questions tests so that I can do these while having my lunch at work or on the commute back home. I’d read somewhere something about the tests needing to be longer to reflect the actual tests. Anybody heard this or know if there is some truth to this? The logic being that a 15 question tests would have mostly easy/medium questions and not include a proportional number of hard questions.

Whenever I scored 80% or higher I thought I was in good shape and could move on. My tests were usually 30 questions, but I don’t think it matters. Q Bank for Ethics really helps as it can be tricky.

Make sure you do CFAI End of Chapter questions and gauge yourself as they are exam proxy questions and give a fair idea of the real exam questions. You can opt for doing the End of chapter questions after completed individual areas or you can do all of them in a row once you are done with all the readings. I had done them in a row in last week before the exam. They had helped me a lot.

I have tried a few tests, putting only hard questions (no absic, no itnermediate) scoring 75-85, depending on the topic. It’s a pretty good exercise to help self-evaluate areas of weakness

… and I have a few questions

Should I expect a fair (1/3rd each difficulty…?) division of questions in the exam or are the basic and intermediate schweser questions from its question bank useless, i.e. not representative of the difficulty level found in the exam?

Would scoring >80% in the advanced questions of schweser’s QB mean that I’m good to go for that part of the exam?

And lastly - just looking for opinions here - I have 2 months to go before the exam and financial reporting, equity and fixed income and corporate finance books to go. I’m not counting the last one because I read that for fun, I like it and I already know a good 85% of what it says and - it’s pretty short. Anybody thinks I have fair odds of passing with 7-8 hours of study per day?

How do you select the level of difficulty?

When you create the quiz (in the window where you select which topics you want to include), at the bottom there is a dropdown called “Advanced Quiz Option”.

Thank you, I’ve been doing the questions for each LOS when I was done with a chapter, I’ll most likely do the same going forward, this way I know for sure I covered all the questions.

85% is definitely good enough to move on to the next topic at this point in time.

The key is to periodically revisit the topics that you’ve cleared. Every week or so, I would take a 120 question exam, comprised of all the topics that I’ve covered to date. That really helped me not forget everything.

Good luck