Schweser QBank

This is my 2nd pass. on the first sitting I was doing lot of Schwerser QBank exams, faired 70+ in major topic areas like FRA, Equity and Ethics but could not pass the L2. I feel that the Qbank questions from schweser seem to be easier. Is this also your experience?

Are there any other options to prepare for solving item sets apart from the End of Reading questions from CFA curriculum?



Schweser is definitely easier than the CFAI text or the exams themselves. I’m also doing it 2nd time and felt the Schweser material was drastically easier than CFAI mocks and the final exam, so this time roung i’m using CFAI material and Schweser only to help clarify CFAI text which goes into very technical detail.

apparently FinQuiz is a good source, but i’ve not used this before - can anyone else attest to FQ’s quality?

I think the Qbank is good for practice. Do the EOCs first, and then go to Qbank if you need more questions.

Q-Bank just for cementing concepts. EOCs, mocks and sample questions for exam prep.

Good luck everyone.

QBank has an option where you can view questions based on LOS. They go from easy to advanced to wicked. I studied using that instead of generating tests (they are random sometimes only easy), I did that after I did all EOC question once.

Scswer q bank helps knowing small lil concepts given in a 1-2 lines which we neglect when doing a reading. It is good to practise. But somehow need to get hnds on FINQUIZ q bank which is in case study format

I just passed L1, was Band 11 so to speak. I am reading a lot of good recommendations here. Since January, got introduced to Schweser Notes, which is not something I was familiar with (used just CFAI text and Schwesser QBank for L1). Do you all think Notes are a good proxy for reading the books, so I can skip the latter unless there are problem areas? I feel this would be more efficient and allow for more QBANK/LOS work, which I barely got to do enough first time.

(And as an aside, am I setting myself to fail by trying in June?)

Finally, OT, but I have heard great things for Elan Guides, especially their mocks. Anyone recommends?

+1 As i heard schweser qbank is not so good, now i am debating whether i should buy finquiz or elan also, are videos necessary (elan)? quite a difference (200 bucks) if i want to add videos if i decide to buy elan

Elan’s mocks and 11th hour guide served me well for L1. They were supplement to my L1 schweser notes. I only did one half schweser mocks for L1 as i felt it was not as tough and conceptual as Elan. DIdnt touch CFAI books for my L1.

many many thanks