Schweser Qbank

I’m a level 1 candidate sitting the exam in June. I’m currently on study session 5 and I’ve been reviewing by doing Schweser Qbank questions. The issue is that I’m scoring way above what I’m expecting - I’m getting mid 80s to low 90s. So I think there is a problem with the Qbank - it’s too easy relative to the actual exam.

Anyone else using the Schweser Qbank think the same? Or should I just take these good scores as an indication of me doing the right type of preparation?

Man, you know what. Everyone said Qbank was too easy and to take actual CFAI practice tests, or whatever, but I did both and I thought the exam was closer to Schweser than the CFAI practice tests. I think the latter are designed to scare and/or overprepare you for the actual thing. Think about it, you have <1.5 minutes per question and there’s 120 of them per session. They’re not too convoluted.

That said, I will likely fail when results come out in 11 days – so do with this as you will.

Why do you think you will fail? Did you get low scores on the Schweser Qbank tests?

Not sure why I think that. There’s a lot of material and I know I messed up quite a few questions.

I was scoring in the high-70s on average.