Schweser Qbank

How long (est. hours) did it take you to do all the practice problems with this program? thanks…

I will let you know when I finish. Average is around 2 minutes per question. 3850 or so questions. Around 128 hours, give or take.

thanks, appreciate it. only 6.5 weeks left, and I have to figure out how to budget my time for Qbank. I suppose it would take more than 2 minutes per question on avg. since you have to learn from the questions… Are the answer explanations easily available and quite clear after you do each question? (I haven’t bought Qbank yet, just heard great things about it)

You can setup the tests you take to display the correct answer immediately after you answer each question or wait to see explanations till after you have finished the whole test. The explanations are easily available. As for clarity, most explanations are very clear. Others are not helpful whatsoever and referencing the CFAI material (or schweser books) to determine how an answer was derived is a must.