Schweser QbankPro?

Hi All,

I am done with CFAI EOC, Practice/Assessment Problems and Mocks. Does anyone of you think that its worth to buy Schweser Qbank Pro? I heard there are some 3000 questions. Do you think its worth trying them or they are just simple and waste of time. Experts please advice ASAP. Only 9 days left.

I found Q Bank to be a great tool particularly to ram concepts into my brain. Since you’ve done plenty of Mocks, I suggest you move to Q Bank to really solidify your understanding of all kinds of concepts.

Thanks PM… Are they repetitive? I heard most of them are not even Vignettes.

Not repetitive at all. I’ve not even managed to do a quarter of then and all questions have been different. There are questions which are vignettes And others not, but so are EOCs.

Agree…Thanks a lot

i would say 75% of them are individual questions… because of the late date, if you really feel you exhausted everything, i would go through the cfai end of chapter questions a second time doing the problems you saw you got wrong the first time (or the sections youre weak in) repition reinfoces.

if you really did all of these andyoure doing well, im not sure how more problems would help in a weakness.

(i wish i had your problem of mastering everything you have already)

Gad4, i am not mastering at all. I completed Mocks once, CFAI EOC/Online Asssessment once. I am right now going through the notes but thought if i can buy QBank Pro? I heard its mix of individual/ vignette (weighted heavily with individual questions) but it helps in remembering small things from each LOS. I am now concentrating on those small things as practising numericals is already completed with so many mocks and questions. My gut feeling says that i want to clear the exam, I need to get those small things in order to breach MPS.

i cant tell you what works best for you… . rather than go through completely new material (which a good percentage you already know) i would use the problems as a way to find out what areas you know/dont know.

then make the focus redoing the things you got wrong the first time.

by doing complely new mocks/problems you will be doing all areas not just your weak ones.

if you can solve those questions by knowing the procedure (and not the solution) then you should feel very confident. if you feel you can do that, then youre in a great position and know much more than me :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Gad4, I agree to your response above. I personally feel that in last week, rather than trying new things, focus just on your weakness (as well as keep revising strength). Also, its better to see questions and run some steps in mind and see the solution rather than solving them on paper because if a person at this point is not able to solve questions on papers. he should not give exam.

All the best!

its not worth it… too many basic/ super easy questions that would not be on the exam… and too expensive

Disagree with that - Q Bank has helped me a lot master my weak areas.

I’m in the camp that thinks it’s ok in terms of quantity and maybe verify your knowledge but the level of difficulty does not prepare you for what you encounter in mocks, let alone in the real deal. If I was well prepared for the hard stuff and simply counting the days, maybe I’d be doing a number of Qs everyday on the last week just to stay fresh, especially for Ethics since you can never be over-prepared for Ethics in my view.

its not worth it for the price at this point with a week left

I think it is precisely what is needed with a week left. It allows you to brush up on your weak areas and pin point them for revision.

I’ve done almost half of the Q Bank questions, and have found it very helpful for keeping material fresh in my mind and addressing areas of weakness from mock exams (being able to create a Q Bank quiz covering weak areas, down to the LOS level, is really useful). I typically do 30 questions at a time, and have come across plenty of vignettes.

You guys confused me!

I think in the overall the work is good, weel structured, and as they said, yes, its a good way to practice on residual blanks.

They can be very scholar and even if you find sone vignette, those are more simple than most of the mocks.

And finally beware and allways question the answer, the fact they are scholar and like to play with principles, LOSes and the rest to combine new questions can sometimes results in pratical non sense…

But yes, definitely a good tool for brutal learning,

Thank you all for suggestions. It was very helpful.