Schweser question bank

Hi, I just got online Schweser question bank for $250. It looks like they have simple questions and question for each LOS. I read in the forum that there are 4000 question. Not sure there are 4000 LOS. Am I missing something? I thought Schweser has tough questions than what I answered until now. I felt CFA aficianado questions are little tougher than Schweser. As long as Schweser questions are similar to the exam, I don’t have problem even if they are easy. Please share any experience on using this material. Thanks, Chinni

Chinni, there are 4000 questions spread among all LOS, not 1 question per LOS. Also, if you go to the test management tab you can create an exam with only advanced questions. The basic Schweser questions are not exam-like but they help you with the underlying concepts.