Schweser Question bank

What is the recommended approach for doing scheweser q bank Topic/Question wise - i.e. Pick a topic SS from Economics and do all question one by one OR Set up an exam from random topics within Economics (not sure if it can be done).

I suppose it’s whatever works for you. I do a few questions from each LOS at the end of a topic. I then intend to do an exam for each section when I’m finished. For example, just finished quants this week. I’ll probably spend another day going over it and then do sixty questions to see how I get on and identify what I need to refocus on.

I dont think the latter can be done. if you can someone tell me

For what its worth. Q bank questions are good for number crunching practice but dont really prepare you for the actual questions on the exam. I’m realizing this after doing tons of q-bank questions and then doing a couple of cfai samples. Just my two cents.