Schweser Questions Difficulty

For those who have use Schweser notes to prep, how would you say the concept checkers questions and mock exams compare to the actual CFA exam questions? I’m just getting started and I’m curious. I plan to use the practice questions in the Schweser notes and CFAI materials.


The EOC Schweser questions have always been the easiest questions in my opinion. The mocks vary… I would say that the Schweser mocks are within the realm of the difficulty of the exam. The closest comp to the real exams (and maybe slightly more difficult) has been the CFA mocks. I would use those as the test of your knowledge, with the Schweser exams being extra practice.

The topic tests on the CFA website have been traditionally much harder for me than the true exam and the mocks. These are also great practice, but they made me more nervous for level 2 than was probably necessary.

At the end of the day, do as many mocks as you can, but weight you scores from CFA more heavily than your Schweser scores.

To add, I also think the EOC CFA questions have been in the relative zip code of the exam questions and I would definitely recommend going through all of those (maybe even before mocks if you haven’t already).

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been answering the concept checkers in the Schweser notes as I finish the readings but I’m planning to answer the EOC CFA questions as well before taking mocks. I’m taking L1 in December so I won’t be taking mocks for a while.

I actually wasn’t aware of the topic tests. I find the CFA website a bit clunky but I’ll take a look at them as well.

The topic tests are a bit of a reality check. Good luck!

Thank you. Good luck to you as well.