Schweser questions

Hey guys, I’ve been using the Schweser notes to study and have been scoring consistently around 70-90% in their end of chapter questions but I’m having a bit of trouble with the end of chapter questions in the CFAI material, do you think guys think the Schweser questions are enough or would the exam questions be more similar to the CFAI books? Many thanks in advance.

Schweser concept checkers are real easy. Exam questions are closer to the CFA EOC questions for sure!

ergh goddamnit… gotta hit the books.

I beleive neither Schweser nor cfa textbook questions are similar to actual exam questions. Their main purpose is to help retaining material. Frankly saying, can’t say that for the all cfa EOC questions as they we written by different authors. But some of them are definitely designed to help in memorizing specific points. Try to get past years mocks to get an understanding what a real exam looks like.

Schweser Prac exams are pretty solid too, def harder than the real exam. the EOCs though are a fair bit easier than the Prac exam problems.

CFA EOC Questions are important and they really matter.

CFA EOC are exam proxy questions to the exam you must gauge yourself on them.

Mantras like “You HAVE to do the CFAI EOC questions” are popular among newbies, but I’ve completed all three levels of the CFA exams and can tell you that it is untrue. You’ll find many of us that completed the program without doing any CFAI EOC questions at all. You might expect that when it comes time to create the CFA exams, the authors of the exams would simply create questions that are very closely modeled on the EOC questions in the CFAI texts. But it doesn’t seem that that’s the case.