Schweser QuickSheet Memorization

Right now i’m drilling this QuickSheet along with all formulas to make sure I don’t have any major holes. Has anyone got this thing completely down or is anyone doing this? Sometimes on mocks I miss something like how to calculate economic income and I want to make sure i don’t lose easy points.

I think it’s a very good idea to have most of those formulae in your proverbial locker. I certainly don’t but hey, the exam isn’t tomorrow.

Use quicksheet content (formulas, etc) as the basis to make a big ole stack of flashcards.

I had it tacked up at my desk at work for a while, can probably recite it in my sleep at this point… Just kidding, I really did have it tacked though and have read through it hundreds of times. So maybe I should be able to recite it by now… Perhaps that’s why I look through my notes and swear someone else must have wrote them.