Schweser... Really poorly written

I am finding that, relative to Levels I & II, the Schweser materials are really badly put together and poorly written. Anyone agree / disagree? It is slightly unnerving to be wholly reliant on it…

I totally disagree. As notes, I think they do an exceptional job explaining the vast majority of the LOS’s.

agreed - the notes seem to encourage but a very cursory understanding of the topic, and even with that, the writing is not good.

I like 'em way better than CFAI. So far, though, neither seems to provide great guidance for essay questions. I’m relying heavily on past exams.

Schweser is a summary of the los. I don’t think it is good to use it on a stand alone basis or to really learn the material. Reading the CFAI once, then going straight to Q-bank and Schweser practice tests (and using the Schweser study guides as a reference guide when going through the problems) is probably a better use of study materials and time.

I agree, Schweser’s L3 material seems very sloppy compared to L1 and L2. I have a feeling that there is not enough meat to it. I am really nervous as now I don’t have the time to read the original texts. Did anyone from last year pass L3 just doing the Schweser? I am planning on doing Schweser + end of chapter problems from CFAI texts + CFAI tests.

That is the thing… I think LI & LII Schweser were better written, but this impression might have more to do with the fact that I read/knew some of the background for those levels. Now I’m just on Schweser and I read some of the paragraphs - and I think my general reading comprehension is good - but I just don’t get it.

I think Schwesers explanations are a bit weak; sometimes it left me even more confused than i started out with. I think its their writing/grammar that it sometimes doesn’t make sense. But then agian i suck at english

everybody that i know that passed L3 studied strictly from schewser (approx 5 people). when i told them i’m reading hte books, they think i’m crazy.

After some studying last night (SS8 SS9), during which I kept the CFAI books open alongside Schweser, I think Schweser is occasionally a “false economy.” Certain things became clear very quickly with the extra detail from CFAI.

schweser is excellent. You can still pass L1 with quite a short prep.