Schweser = Ridiculous

Who writes this stuff, it’s amazing. Banging out a few qbanks and I stumble across this question (vignette). “Hollis, Ignitowski, Jacobs, and Kelso are four analyst working in a windowless basement office at Madison partners.” … “This particular day [Francine] is in a conference with Dan Braden, a dot-com millionaire who retired at 35 with just one goal: becoming a BILLIONAIRE.”

no need to read post, I agree with the subject in oh so many ways.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s awesome. Schweser’s the best.

on the other hand I am sure you’ll remember the answer to these questions well after the exam. :slight_smile:

I still remember one Schweser question from LII. It was an ethics question about an equity research analyst who moonlighted working as a waitress in a “downtown manhattan diner” or something like that, and overheard a stock tip while serving some BSDs, then acted on the information she overheard the next day. I had never noticed it until reading that question, but there actually ARE diners close by Wall Street! Who would have thought.

i don’t remember what the question was about, but there’s one with Kimbo Slice in it. qbank = awesome

I have relied on Schweser for the past 2 levels (and this one as well :). Just tried to read official CFA books - Heuristic behavior chapter and there were stories written to explain simple concepts. I am telling u - we r very lucky to have schweser.