Schweser Sample Exam Book 2 (Book 7) scores?

Barely 60% in Exam 1 (AM+PM) in Book 2. How are you all faring?

I’m too much of a wimp to try it but I’d be thilled to get a 60!!

Book 2 exam 1 70percent…did not think it was killer but harder than all in book 1.

Exam 1 wasn’t awful. Exam 2/3 were terrible. I did these as practice item sets because they are too damn hard.

Exam 3 morning: 63 Exam 3 afternoon: 52 Some lucky guesses, some i just knew… 66 and 56 on cfai sample… So knowing this, i would say the “hard” tests werent that hard… Taking more after this weekend. I really think I just know some things cold and other things not so well… Its going to be more of a praying for questions I am good at… Obviously working on strengthening my bad areas…