Schweser Sample Exam vs real exam

Are Schweser’s 6 sample exams significantly easier than the real exams? I just finished them and my feeling is that they are even easier than the pratice questions after each study sessions. I haven’t done the online sample from CFA institution yet. Thank you for your opinions.

do mock 1 then report back ting

I know mock 1 is hard. Won’t have time deal with it till Wednesday. I think I feel the practice exams are easy because I did all the questions in notes and they are somewhat similar. Could someone just tell me a white lie, :slight_smile:

but is Mock1 an accurate gauge of the real exam? I havent taken it yet but it sounds like it a polar opposite of Schweser Book6

if mock 1 is an accurate gauge I am so so fuct…

From what I remembered from Level I, schweser’s samples are very easier than the real exam. But I do wish someone would told me for Level II, it’s the other way around.

I thought last year’s Schweser book 6 exams were much harder than the actual level 1 exam. Schweser is way too wordy vs real thing gets to the point. I thought the mock exams were comparable to Schweser exams…one of the mocks was really easy (I think it was mock 1 for me, but i heard mock 1 could be mock 2 for osmeone else…basically the one without the ECON in it).

Thanks, Kelly!

I haven’t tackled the Mocks yet, but if one is significantly harder than the other that is definitely representative of the exam, or at least my experience last year in Level 1. The morning session was a breeze - I walked out thinking man, I really overstudied! Then the afternoon absolutely killed me. I heard similar things about Level 2 …

I think Schweser book 1 is more difficult than the real thing but it’s a good way to get you prepared.

From L1, I thought schweser was harder than real, but Book6 is def easier than the Mock1. One thing that did throw me off was that in schweser exams, the part of the vignette needed for the first question is always the first paragraph, etc… so I was able to not even skim the vignette before going to the first problem (big time saver). On the Mock1, I found myself confused at first because the questions dont necessarily appear in the same order as the info needed. Anyone else notice this?

my marks were ok on all the schweser book 6 exams. but a few had my head spinning. do they split up the ethics morning and afternoon? because 2 ethics vs. zero ethics makes a huge time difference.