Schweser Secret Sauce important for L2?

Hello, I did not need Secret Sauce for L1. However, since L2 is a whole different matter compared to L1, is it really helpful to have Secret Sauce from Schweser? Thank you in advance

I don’t think L2 and L1 are all that different, other than that L2 has more accounting stuff. The same study methods should work between L1 and L2. So if Secret Sauce was useful for L1, it will probably be useful for L2.

I thought it was, helps you get them concepts fresh in ur head. Re read every month or so

CFAI EOC flash cards> Schweser Secret Sauce

What is CFAI EOC flash cards?

Make your own flash cards testing concepts tested in the End of Chapters in the CFAI books. Schweser Sauce is a gamble and guess that Schweser has acurrately summarized important topics that will be tested. On a 120 question test, that is a big risk. I would stick to primary sources and make sure you have every CFAI EOC down pat before jumping to third party review sources. The more you practice CFAI questions, the less of a “shock” you receive on test day when you realize that CFAI asks questions in a completely different way than schweser.

secret sauce is for quickly going through about 1 months before exam, after you nail all other materials. ideal location for me is on the train going to work / back home