Schweser Secret Sauce Review

Is anyone currently using or has anyone used the Schweser Secret Sauce for L2? If so, have you found it useful\helpful for the cost (~130 USD pre-tax). I am considering purchasing it as an additional last-minute study tool but I have already spent thousands for this exam. I’m also going to be purchasing additional mocks, so I’m becoming increasingly price sensitive.

I would highly appreciate any reviews (even if it’s as short as a sentence or two).

If you buy it, go with the print version instead of the ebook.

I bought the ebook and the font is so tiny (on my iPad) I can hardly read it after a long day. You can enlarge the font … one page at a time. Also, you flip pages sideways rather than scrolling up and down which is more convenient.

I hated the ebook format so much I dropped another $130 + expedited shipping for the print version.

The Wiley 11th Hour Guide is about 150 pages longer and the pages are 8 1/2 x 11 in so its a much larger book. (SS pages are something like 5 x 7.) I like reviewing from the 11th Hour Guide because it offers much more explanatory text. That said, I’ll be switching to SS in another week because it can be quickly read and seems to do a good job of highlighting things like model assumptions, definitions, formulas, etc. If you don’t have a good understanding of the material, you might find it lacking. You probably don’t need it if you took good notes. Personally, I find it comforting to know that I cart SS around 24/7. - I locked myself out of my condo earlier this week. The worst part was not having study notes while waiting for a locksmith.

I agree with you on shelling out more $$$ for study materials. I took the point of view that another $130 was a small incremental cost relative to paying for Level II again. Not sure that I’ll pass though. If I don’t, in hindsight I’d rather not have plunked down more money.

Thanks a lot lammy! I think I’ll look into the Wiley 11th Hour Guide now as well. I went with SS because I’ve been using all Schweser materials and I passed L1 using Schweser.

A last minute study guide that’s a little more detailed sounds appealing but time is the biggest enemy at this point so I’ll see…

(tough luck on the lockout, I certainly know that anxiousness feeling. At this point, anytime that I’m idle feels like such a waste)

The material on SS sometimes doesn’t appear on 11th.

They are both complement each other, but i love SS more (print book version of course).

I bought the Secret Sauce last year, when I started studying for L2 but needed to abort because of some personal and job stuff. This year I bought the Wiley 11th hour and given that the curriculum hasn’t changed that much, I now use both side by side.

Result: The 11th hour guide is much more useful. The Secret Sauce is so short that it skims over many important points. I think 11th hour got the perfect ratio of short vs. leaving out details, while the SS has left out way too many details. I highly recommend 11th hour over the SS for that reason.

In agree with the other posters that a printed book is probably better for such a last-minute reference.