Hi, Has anyone been through the schweser secret sauce? I mean in terms of refreshing the memory, would there be any difference between reading from the secret sauce book or reading from the individual summaries at the end of each study session? an opinion would help…thanks!

Probably not a huge difference. I find it helpful because I can carry it around easier and can get through a SS or 2 in an hour when I get breaks at work, during lunch, etc.

I guess it’s more convenient then…thanks budfox!

dont buy the ebook version, i bought it and i realized i can’t print it :frowning: i wanna be able to read it during work but now im stuck with it : ( anyone how i can refund it and get a real copy of the material?

I was able to exchange my “unopened” ebook version for a hard copy by calling customer service and paying for shipping. If you downloaded the ebook to your hard drive you must buy the hard copy separately.


If it is a PDF – you should be able to use the Text toolbar and cut and paste from there, from inside adobe Acrobat. That way you can print out a few pages at a time, to read.

ACtually, i called them and they are ok with refunding the money for me to purchase the book version. Score, i get both versions for price of one! : ) Hope this will improve my studying…