Schweser Secret Sauce Worth $100 for few days of review?

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if the Schweser Secret Sauce is worth the $100 for a review in the last few days? Just doing practice exams next 4-5 days an planning on reviewing key concepts and formulas last 2-3 days…and wondering if it is worth to use the secrete Sauce instead of other multiple items? Also is Secrete Sauce practically the Key Concepts put together? by my calculation KC at end of Schweser readings are about 134 pages which would be a good review of big concepts I guess! Thanks

It’s too late…


Didn’t really answer my question! way to pay attention to what I am asking… and thanks for trying… next…

Honestly you could take a day and get through it. It’s big text on small pages. I found it helpful for having all the key things in one place.


It’s like a better version of the key concepts put together

Schweser’s Secret Sauce is absolutely worth the $100…it gives you an added edge to nail this!!