Schweser Secret Sauce

Has anyone used this before?

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It’s a life saver man. I didn’t originally plan on picking it up, but based on someone’s suggestion, I did, and definitely don’t regret it. The study notes condense the CFA text, and secret sauce condenses what Schweser perceive to be the most relevant concepts. I ran through the book the day before the test.

theKing Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Has anyone used this before? Secret Sauce for l1 and l2 are up there with my favorite books of all time

Though I did not use in level 1 but would like to know what edge it provides if you are thorough with your schweser material?

i didnt use secret sauce until about 3 weeks before the exam (1 and 2), and it kinda ties everything together and lets u really see the big picture. I was absolutley thorough with the schweser material but felt the secret sauce really help me grasp the core material

dieselbp67 thanks for sharing the experience.