Schweser Secret Sauce

Hi, I am done with my readings. I finished the concept checkers after each session some of them i ve got around 50-70%, most in 70% and some 100%(was to lazy to do comprehensive). And now i dont remember anything. I am planning to review Schweser Secret Sauce do you think it will be helpful now? I am loosing hope!!. I am planning to start qbank now am i in the rite path?

Hi bigspydee, I am also sitting the CFA Level 1 in June and from what i understand a 70% sore on the concept checkers is reasonably good. Retaining all the theory is surely a concern for me too and i strongly suggest you do plenty of questions from the QBank. I find it easier to recall the answer i did on a question, then remember all the theory. Frankly speaking i don’t think i could remember all the theory, even if i read through all the books 3 times or more. I have been reading the Schweser notes, doing the concept checkers and then doing the QBank questions on those chapters. You will realise how easily you can identify your weak areas through solving questions. In the last few weeks i intend to solve atleast 4 Schweser mock exams and if time permits, do a few 120 question QBank exams on covering all topics. 4300 questions is surely a lot and that will give you plenty of practise and confidence. I have heard about the Secret Sauce, but have no idea how useful it is. How did you find it?

do lots of Qbank! after a couple hundred questions you will feel better! it is easier than the real exam, but will show you what you really have to reread and focus on. you are on the right path, aim for > 70% on Qbank and you will do well. dont forget about the mock exam and if you have them the schweser practice tests, although they are more difficult than the Qbank and possibly the actual exam.