schweser secret sauce

Has anybody started reviewing with schweser’s secret sauce? I haven’t bought it yet and was wondering what everyone thought of it. Is it a good review or is it missing too much information? I used eleventh hour last year for Level 1 and it saved me, I learned a lot in the last month by just reviewing topics that I was getting poor scores on during the mock exams. I am not sure if I trust Elan’s first attempt at Level 2, besides, their Eleventh Hour isnt due to be out for a few more weeks (and they always seem to be late). Thanks for you input

The Eleventh Hour is true to the name then. lol

The Secret Sauce is a great refresher, not another learning tool. If you don’t have the concepts drilled down, then it won’t help much in terms of helping you learn the material.

Schweser is a summary of the CFAI text. Secret Sauce is a summary of Schweser. Not sure how much you could possibly learn from a summary of a summary.

Secret Sauce leaves out way too much material and formulas. I do not really understand how they decide what to cover. I started using ss for level I and when I saw the 11th hour guide I through ss in the garbage. 11th hour is much, much better. Without having the 11th hour I am using ss now for level II. I am trying to make notes of my own within the ss book and write in a lot of formulas as I review.