schweser secret sauce

is it really usefull for retention ? please give me ur advice on how to retain the material , it seems that i forgot it all :S

i debated buying it for a while and ended up giving in. it definitely doesn’t cover everything you need to know, but it’s good if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare on your lunch break and want to re-read some material. in that respect, it helps with retention. i’d say it’s worth the money if you can see yourself using it.

thanks vbcfa for sharing ur experience , the problem with me here is that i cant retain and remember all the details in the material , does it help in that ?

Isn’t the secret sauce pretty much the same as the qbank summaries?

shhh…the secret sauce is just that - a secret! I found it to be very very helpful for the level 1 exam and I think it will be helpful for the level 2 exam as well. If I’m here for level 2 again next year then you know it wasn’t that helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it helpful too. It doesnt cover it all, but quick summaries on key points, some formulas to keep in your head, and it is easy to take with you anywhere and look at. I use it to review key points on stuff I covered earlier in the week and stay somewhat fresh on older topics.

ADVICE FROM A LEVEL 2er here. This is worth every penny. I did the following: Reread Secret Sauce the day before for about 4 hours and scanned the quick sheet the morning of and during the lunch break…good strategy.

The Secret sauce has to the be the same thing as the los concept summaries from Qbank, right? They are around the same length…

I think looking at Schweser videos slides is a good alternative to Secret sauce. Though I bought the hard copy for $122 but don’t find it very useful. S