Schweser Seminars???

Has anyone participated in one of the 3 day seminars before? Recently, I have been thinking about signing up for the seminar in Los Angeles, which is taught by Mitch Conover. Any input would be appreciated as I do not want to fork out cash for something that is not going to have a true impact on my test performance. Thanks.

Just want to get my thread back to the top…

I went to the L1 and L2 and found them very helpful…going to the one in Atlanta next weekend.

Thanks Jason. Anybody Else?

Passed LIII last year. I took Mitch’s class during LIII last year. In fact, I took that seminar every level. Worked great for me. It is a great way to bring everything together.

Passed Level 1 with the help of them. I ordered that Schweser Final Review Package for L2. Seems like a fair price when you compare it to Windsor Week or Ft Worth.

Thanks for the help…I think I am going to sign up for the review. Does anybody have any further comments?

I took the Level 3 four-day seminar in London last year and was very happy with it. The teacher was excellent and was able to answer all questions very confidently and clearly. But the material goes quickly, so you do need to be well prepared in advance! The supporting materials were very useful study tools for synthesizing the labyrinth of information in Level 3. One of the best parts was that he was very responsive to e-mail questions following the seminar—I probably e-mailed 10 different questions in the last two weeks. Frankly, I was disappointed with myself that I hadn’t taken a seminar for the first two levels because it would have taken a lot of the struggle out of the last month of study.

I took the level 3 seminar with Mitch this past weekend. Personally, I think that O. Nathan is the guy to work with from Schweser, but I thought that Mitch did a good job of bringing all the material together. I can tell you I feel like I have a better handle on everything this week as compared to last. Would recommend.

I also had Mitch’s class in Philly a couple weeks ago. Pretty good high level overview, not much value added. About like having someone read you the Secret Sauce in my opinion.