Schweser site down 3/29??

Anyone else have problems logging into Thanks.

sorry bro, i’m able to log in ok

I’m logged on and everything seems fine.

Thanks, don’t know WTF is happening. Trying with IE and Firefox, keeps timing out.

maybe you’re still logged in on one of the browser’s…i’ve had that challenge before and it doesn’t let you be logged in twice at the same time? If it’s the online course try deleting your cookies and trying again.

I can’t get that far. Getting the “connection timed out error”. Called my ISP tech support, everything is ok on their end. Just figures the one day I have to jam; denied.

I had a problem once with a firewall. Has anything changed on your machine lately? As soon as I disabled the firewall it let me in.

Not sure. The kids are starting to leave their prints on the machine…

Schweser addresses this in the FAQ. The irony; can’t get on to find out what to do if I can’t get on.

This is from Schweser’s site steve-o,…the general faq section. How long have you been in business? Kaplan Schweser was founded by Dr. Carl Schweser in 1991, while he was a professor in the college of business at the University of Iowa. Prior to that time, Carl had taught in CFA® programs in North America for a number of years. Dr.Andrew Temte has been with Kaplan Schweser since its inception in 1991. When Kaplan Schweser was acquired by Kaplan Inc. (Kaplan’s parent company is the Washington Post Companies), Dr. Temte became its President and CEO. Kaplan Schweser now enjoys the full backing of a trusted name in education and training with Kaplan’s resources at its disposal. The parent company, Washington Post, is publicly traded on the NYSE and has over $2 billion in annual revenues. Even though we are now a part of a bigger organization, we are committed to our tradition of fulfilling the candidates’ needs, and maintaining as well as enhancing the level and quality of our service to our customers. Who are the people behind Kaplan Schweser? Kaplan Schweser was founded by Dr. Carl Schweser in 1991. Currently, we have a full time staff of five Ph.D.s who are assisted by several more faculty under contract who conduct seminars and assist us in the preparation of training and study materials. In addition to Ph.D.s, virtually all our instructors have CFA® designations. Our people understand what it takes to prepare for the CFA® exam and how to pass it. They have extensive experience teaching in the CFA® program as well as in universities across the US and Canada. You can view our faculty profiles online. I can’t login to my account since I receive an error stating that I have to wait x amount of time before logging in. This error occurs when you click on the “x” instead of clicking on the “Logout” link. How do I allow cookies? Login to and click on Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Setting. Drag the bar to the bottom of the scale to accept all cookies. Where are the Instructor-led Office Hours? Please log in to and sign in using your username and password. Make sure that you click on the Online Access link in the left-hand menu. The Instructor-led Office Hours are located under the Online Tools w/Notes link. I am unable to login to my account. Kaplan Schweser’s registration system is case sensitive so please capitalize letters where appropriate and eliminate spaces. Sometimes a space is captured when cutting and pasting so try typing the username and password. My product is not working on my Macintosh. We apologize, but our products are not designed to be used on Macintosh computers. Our system requirements are stated on each product page. Contact us if you are interested in the SchweserPro™ Online version. Some setups on the Macintosh do allow viewing of our webcasts, however we do not support this. I just placed my order. When will I receive access? It usually takes 24-48 business hours (our hours are from 9:00-6:00 pm ET from Monday through Friday) from your order date to gain access to your account. You will be receiving an email with all of the details soon. Where do I register to take the CFA exam? Please contact the CFA Institute. I can’t find my Study Planner. Login to You will have a menu on the left-side of the page in a shaded box with your login details. Click on the Online Access link and there is a Kaplan Schweser Study Planner link under the Online Tools with Notes heading. This is where you can create/follow a calendar. You may need to click on the + (plus sign) key in order to get the dropdown with these links. What time will the Instructor-led Office Hours will be shown in my country? Please use the following link to convert Eastern Time (United States) to your local time zone: To calculate the future event time, follow the directions below: Select United StatesNew York from the list on the left of the screen Scroll down and click “Calculate future event time for…” For “Step 2” enter the date and time of the chat room Click “Submit Query” Choose your location from the list on the left of the screen Time conversion will appear How do I use my Online Access? Once payment is received, a username and password will be assigned to your account at If you previously created an account, please use your own username and password. If you do not know your username and password, please click In order to use your Online Access, please login to and click on the Level-color button found under the heading “Online access” in the center-right of your screen. Your online products will be listed in the left-hand menu and will become available throughout the CFA season. I am unable to login to the website and continue to be re-directed. Update system requirements, if needed. Login to and click on Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab > Settings to allow the website. Login to and click Tools > Internet Options > General Tab to delete cookies. Do not login to the Internet using your employer’s virtual private network (VPN).

This is from the Q-bank FAQ: My “OK” button is turned off. Kaplan Schweser’s registration system is case sensitive so please capitalize letters where appropriate and eliminate spaces. If the key is entered correctly, the “OK” button will become active. If you feel you are entering the correct and most current username and password and you are still not able to click on the OK button and you are using a work PC, your Company’s firewall may be preventing you from properly registering your CD. Please check with your IT Department to determine if you have permission to install this product to your PC. How do I register my SchweserPro CD? Your SchweserPro CD automatically registers when you enter in the CD for the first time. This is how it works: When you install your CD, it asks you if you want to “RUN” or “SAVE”, if you click save and follow all of the instructions, you should get to the next point. When you enter in your Username, password and registration key, our program looks to see if you’re connected to the internet. If you are connected, your PC will automatically connect to our server and register the CD on your online account information. I installed the SchweserPro software on two computers using the CD. I am now receiving a “SchweserPro Access Denied: Key exceeded the maximum number of installations” error. Due to copyright, the purchaser is allowed two installations of the SchweserPro software on their own computers (e.g. one PC or one laptop or one work computer and one personal computer). Shared use of SchweserPro™ Question Bank software is prohibited. Kaplan Schweser will only support registered purchases of these products directly from Kaplan Schweser or from an authorized distributor. Kaplan Schweser’s products are intended for personal use only unless specifically approved in writing by Kaplan Schweser. Customers may also switch to the SchweserPro Online version if more than two installations are desired. The Online version will allow the purchaser to access their SchweserPro from multiple computers. Sharing or selling Online Access is prohibited. All Online Access is non-transferable. If the purchaser wishes to switch to the SchweserPro Online version, please complete the Tech Support form. I am receiving an “Init” error when using the SchweserPro CD. Software installed on the computer in use conflicts with Kaplan Schweser software. In most cases the firewall that is installed on your PC is preventing the SchweserPro CD from downloading properly. Please disable your firewall during the download process. If you are using a work PC you may need to contact your IT Administrator for permission. If this is a personal PC that may also be used for work purposes, you may be connecting through a Proxy Server. If that is the case you will need to do the following: 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings button > Proxy Server heading, check “Bypass proxy server for local address” I am receiving a TCP/IP Error on my work PC. If the computer in use has a firewall, allow the following executables access in-bound and out-bound: mysqld.exe apache.exe mysqladmin.exe schweserpro.exe There should be a firewall application list that you can allow these executables access. If you have any questions about the firewall or adding the applications, please to speak with your company’s system administrator or IT staff. Can I save my SchweserPro CD/Download to a flash drive? Our SchweserPro CD and Download will not allow customers to download the program onto a flash drive. The file that would save to a flash drive will not properly save due to the security on this product. Please follow the download instructions that accompany the SchweserPro CD and Download. I am receiving a “No Internet Connection Found” error message. SchweserPro requires you to have full administrative rights on your PC. If you are using a work PC, you will need to work with your IT department, as this message is typically due to a firewall problem. You may also need to check the following: Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings… > uncheck “Use Proxy Server…”, put in address and port number 443. If you are using a personal PC that may connect into your work’s server, please go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > make sure to check and mark “Bypass proxy server for local address”. Are updates for SchweserPro™ Question Bank posted somewhere? Any errors found in SchweserPro are updated immediately therefore if you have the online version you are always seeing the most updated version of SchweserPro. If you have the download version or the CD version we recommend that you update SchweserPro weekly so you always have the most updated version of SchweserPro. To update SchweserPro simply click on the “Update SchweserPro” link from the left hand menu of SchweserPro and then from the next screen click on the “SchweserPro Live Update” button which will download the updates via the internet. Performing this process weekly will allow you to always have the most current and updated version of SchweserPro.

Thanks mwvt9! I will see what I can do this info, thought now it is getting close to miller time!