schweser site sooooo slowwww

get off ppl- I’ve only been through the q-bank 3x!!!

Tell me about it. I’m here whilst my exam goes to the next question. Yet the question time continues to increase…

lol, just got off the phone with them. Apparently they’re ‘working on it’, ywah right. How about buy more servers for a start? what’s there to figure out?

Man, it is seriously bad at the moment. Maybe the CD would’ve been a good option…

I want my ridiculous amount of money back!!!

Yea it’s pretty bad right now. They really need to improve this.

aaarrrggghh! Are we like supposed to use the site less the closer we are to the exam!?!?

The server at is taking too long to respond. Aaarrrrrggghhh!!!


I don’t remember Schweser’s online access being so terrible last year, but I have had a whole lot of problems this year.

Agreed. I can’t even construct a test right now.

Unbelievable. Off to buy a printer with the hopes that when/if the site gets back up I can create practice tests and print them out.

From Schweser - "Thank you for your inquiry, I do apologize but we are aware of the situation and are working on getting it fixed. Its looking to be a SQL Server problem. I’ve been told they will need to take the server down and they are looking at do this very early Saturday morning for about 15 mins to an hour. "