Schweser Site

Has the Schweser site been really slow for everyone else? I can pull up my gmail in 5 seconds but it takes forever to get from one question to another in the QBank

I can’t even get in!!

it lagged out on me too for 15 minutes. Now it’s okay. It did the exact same thing yesterday at the exact same time too. I wonder wth they’re doing and why they have to do it right when everybody is using it.

that is happening to me right now It is so frustraiting that this could happen less than a month before the exam!! I was just finishing a qbank exam with 120 qs and all subjects.

Bleh, I can’t even get in either. Too much traffic on a late Friday night?

what is the fukcing point in having all the answers to the mocks online and then you not being able to access them at the only point where you have a lot of time during the week to revise. fucking useless… Really wish i had downloaded all the answers now. I can’t really do much without them at the moment.

lol… looks like they just fixed whatever was wrong.

lol… looks like they just fixed whatever was wrong. Wow, moaning DOES work.

Nothing like doing tests at 2 in the morning

Is the site acting up again for anyone else?

I am unable to get in now… is it hanging up on anyone else??

yup… maybe they think it’s sat night anybody nobody would be on…

Yeah, cut me off during a practice exam half an hour ago. Same as last night. So pissed right now. Blah.

I was reviewing my pasts exams whent it turns off.

Looks like the Schweser site shat it again…same time as last night too…

yeah i’ve experienced this too. they better keep up their $h!t as the exam date approaches.