Schweser SN Book 0 vs Secret Sauce

Basically what is the difference between those two? I know that Secret Sauce is not out yet for 2008, but perhaps somebody from the L2 or L3 2007 had a chance to compare? (reading description on Schweser’s web site doesn’t help) Cheers

While I’ve never purchased Schweser’s secret sauce, my guess is that book 0 is simply re-hashing some concepts that will be applied in the level 3 material while the secret sauce will give you the straight up goods on the material for that particular level.

I had secret sauce last year, but no book 0 (or book 1 - 6). I would NOT recommend anyone to waste time to read it. Let it be the best-kept secret.

Book 0 is background material you need to tackle LIII material while Secret Sauce is a summary of LIII material.