Schweser SS Tests

I am wondering if anyone else took the 18 online SS tests. That has been what I did for the past week or so. I am scoring in the 70-75 range for these - they are considered difficult but I guess that is relative at this point. I am taking my first test Monday morning and I want to know how these compare in difficulty to the Schweser practice exams/CFAI practice test. The vignette style is the same from what I have skimmed in the practice books but is the difficulty comparable

I have been taking those SS tests too, I will be taking the last two tomorrow and then Monday I will be starting with Practice exam, although I have not been doing as well as you…some I have gotten in 80’s while others in 60’s, I guess I would avg. out at around 70’s…but I have been very relaxed about them and whipping through them in 8-10 min rather than suggested 18min.

Wait, what are these tests? What does SS stand for?

Study Session.

Those vIGNETTES Form (in view curriculum) are part of the 3900 questions or are they separate?

Where can I find these SS tests?

under View Curriculum in the left navigation bar…you can select each study session and take a practice exam on it…link is at the bottom of the page when you select a particular SS

mumu how are you? can you please answer my question above? Thanks

i think they are on par with book 6 (maybe a little easier than book 6) and much easier than CFAI. but a great review nonetheless.

Found it. Thanks mumu!

I used to do them, but since you can’t have the answer pop up after each question, I stopped. wonder2008, I’m pretty sure they’re part of the 3900 q-s.

I am all over the map on these. Killed Corp Fin, but completely lost it on the first equities section. I did cash flow yesterday (which I thought I had a pretty good handle on) and all the scrolling up and down drove me INSANE. My wife called me in the middle of one of the questions, and she told me I should call it a day. She could tell I was losing it. I think some questions are “book 7 hard” and some are 4th grade easy. I just need to keep doing them.

I will print them.

wonder2008 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I will print them. I have done more than half and I printed them with answers and now I am going over them. I hope you have a couple reams of paper. I am not kidding.

I just realized that you can keep retaking tests for each SS… great tool. Thanks for sharing!