Schweser SS Topic Weights

Schweser’s secret sauce is known to specify topic area weights for each topic. Are these conjectures? Cus they seem to be pretty confident in mentioning them in bold.

I was wondering the same…

But I think its safe to assume that Private Wealth + Institutional Investors + Ethics + GIPS + Behavioural will be at least 50% of the exam based on past Mocks … even though its only 1/4 of the material.

@ishouldbepaidtostudy - You are being paid to study. Can’t you feel your human capital growing by the minute??? ; )

hahaha. looking at these markets, i would say my human capital is excessively risky … so the discount rate will render it close to nil :wink:

oh you mean the PV, ok never mind. I thought you meant the discount rate was nil.

@ishouldbepaidtostudy: That’s all the stuff I would want to have zero weighage!