Schweser Student Discount Code

Does anyone know if Schweser offers a student discount on their products? I know they do for the CPA (20% off Discount Code) but I have yet to see anything for the CFA.

If you are a student and have a scholarship for the CFA, then you get the Schweser material for 150.

I was at the library of my old university studying on Saturday and came across a brochure for Schweser CPA Review Materials. It had a Promo Code sticker on it for 20% off. Has anyone else heard or saw anything like that for the CFA?

Hi. Based on what is provided in Schweser’s website, you have to provide all of the following: 1. CFAI registration 2. Student ID 3. Evidence of full time enrollment 4. Transcripts to qualify for the 20% discount. Honestly, I’m a big fan of Ebay. =)

How does one get a scholarship for the CFA?

Professors who are CFA charterholders can award up to 5 scholarships per year (up to a max of 10 scholarships per university) It drops the cost of the program from $1k to $220. CFA societies can also award similar scholarships, I believe.