Schweser study calendar

Has anyone used the schweser study calendar? This is my 2nd attempt at L2 and I’d like to mix up my study habits a little and am using the schweser calendar tool. Have people had success following this? For L1 and my first attempt at L2 I was studying 6 days a week for 4 months (L1) and 6 months (L2) and I’m nervous that this since this schedule has at least 3 days off a week I won’t be able to get through all of the material in time. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Maybe I’m missing something but the Schweser calendar I have access to is just a structured .pdf file, I don’t see any type of actual dates/days of the week to be studying. Then again I only purchased the basic notes, so maybe you have something more.

That being said, if a schedule created by someone else doesn’t work for you, why would you follow it? This is a very personalized preparation, what works for one person might not work for another. I’ve heard of people who take it very easy during the week due to work or other reasons and then cram huge 10-12 hour blocks of studying on the weekend. I could never do that so I would never do that :slight_smile:

I get the desire to want to stick to a schedule, it’s how I got through the first exam, but create your own that works for your life. Not sure a 3rd party could accurately capture my work, study and personal schedule all in one calendar.