Schweser Study Method???

Currently half way through the Schweser material–taking weekly online course in conjunction–and wondering how others work their study schedule. Below is a brief outline of what I try to do weekly: 1 - Read all SS material to be covered in class & do concept checkers & grade. 2 - Re-read SS material while writing LOS flashcards with weekly class slides in hand and review concept checkers. 3 - Watch class with Schweser book and slides in hand, making notes for follow up issues to address the next day. 4 - (trying to add this) Schweser Q-bank questions. 5 - (…and this as well) CFAI reading questions. I’m solid on 1, 2, and 3 but am having difficulty with the CFAI reading questions as I find the Schweser material sometimes misses (possibly operator error) some of the minutia that is quizzed. Is this enough? I’m also feeling the need to start reviewing old material before I forget it, how do people usually work this in with all the other material?

I understand your concern as I am having a similar quandary. I am taking the live schweser class Monday nights 6-9. Much like you mention, I spend the following week reading through the Schweser notes while comparing with the slidebook and notations I make during class. I also make LOS flashcards along the way. But I too am becoming concerned with retention and i also want an efficient manner to work the Qbank questions given how important practice exams et al are in the prep process. I’d be interested in others’ answers.