Schweser Study Notes & Prerequisite Study Material

Hello… In reviewing the Level I Study Guide, most topic sections include prerequisite study material (guide calls it Foundation) at the beginning of the sections. Does anyone know how Schweser in the past has treated the material, i.e. included it in the section being reviewed or has Schweser broken the material out in a separate section or just ignored it? I would be interested in how Schweser has handled it. Also, any ideas on how we should be looking at the material would be appreciated…keeping in mind most of this material is covered in FRM and CFA program already. Thanks. ebitda4us

if you are a FRM Charterholder… you are way ahead of the prerequisite material


Thank you for you’re response…


Seriously, don’t waste your time buying the course books - schweser has it covered. Level 1 they go through everything you need, then just get a qbank like Uppermark and give it 2-3 weeks of going through the quesitons and you will have no trouble with the exam at all - the books are over-priced and schweser will see you through.

Converts…thank you for your comments!!! ebitda4us