Schweser Study Package

Hi all

I have read in many websites that it’s essential to buy the schweser study package.

Is it really true and in what way it is much better?

Also, the website has too many options and I am rather confused.

Can anyone suggest the best option for me if I’m looking for more practice questions and enhancing my learning?

Just to let you know, I do not have any economics/accounting/finance background.

I really need some advice on this matter.

Thank you.

Schweser does an excellent job of consolidating very long-winded CFAI text. If you have the time and motivation to read very drawn-out discussions of what seem to be very basic topics, in some instances, then stick with the CFAI material. If you decided to go with Schweser, which I would wholly recommend, pick a package based on your needs. If you’re self-motivated, then its unnecessary to choose a package with live or online instruction. Also, I would recommend the Secret Sauce, as would many on this forum, for quick reviews here and there throughout your studies and towards the end to touch on certain trouble areas.

I still consult the CFAI material in many cases. When I review practice tests (and the mock) I read out of the CFAI text rather than Schweser, for a different point of view. Also, the questions at the end of the chapters in the CFAI text are far superior to those in the Schweser text. So don’t toss the CFAI books aside if you do decide on Schweser.

Good luck!

I’m currently using the Schweser package exclusively. I bought the one the SchweserNotes (5 books covering the curriculum and one practice exam book=3 exams and formula sheet), and then the second volume of practice exams for 3 more, and the financial calculator book. I shouldn’t have bought the latter as turns out I already knew 90% of the stuff covered, but it’s still a nice reference to have if you can afford it. As for Qbank (I think they call it SchweserPro), I’ve played around on my buddies copy who’s doing it in June, and it seems like it’ll be a go-to during the last month or so, but its pretty pricey as well.

Also, if you have an iPad get the Schweser app. It only covers ethics/conduct, but it has all their videos for those LOS’s, which are indespensible, considering the app is free!

All that said, from what I gather it seems like studying from SchweserNotes/exams/Qbank is the ideal technique, then using the CFAI material when you need more coverage. And I’ve heard that you might want to read the crap out of the CFAI ethics book too though, just for thoroughness.