Schweser Study Solutions for level 2

Looking at the different packages from Schweser. Only got the “Essential Study Solution” for Level 1 which was enough for me, all I needed. Notes covered everything and the Qbank simulated the actual test quite nicely. However for Level 2 maybe the Premium or Premium Plus solutions are worth the extra cost? Has anyone got feedback on the Online Programs or the Final review pack from previous years Level 2 or Level 1?

I just wrote L2 (awaiting results) and used strictly Schweser notes and Qbank. Felt pretty good coming out of the exam, but L2 was definitely a lot harder than L1 in my opinion. I’ve used the Schweser online weekly classes for the CFA, and it helped me to stay on track each week. I haven’t heard anything on the content of the CAIA classes, but I would imagine it would be similar to the CFA classes.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I might give the online classes a go. Not easy just to study by yourself and not hear anything explained properly.

Any real life classes in NYC?