Schweser & SWAPS

I’ve been pretty happy with schweser this year so far… but schweser totally missed it on SWAPS. Terrible explanations and examples IMO. I recommend using the CFAI texts for this chapter. Its a quick easy read compared to the normal mind numbingly boring chapters from the CFAI.

I think I’d agree with this. In my line of work I deal with swaps every day and have a good understanding of them. I understand the schweser notes fine, but when I read them I couldn’t help thinking to myself that “jeez, schweser really are glossing over some points here, and assuming a lot of prior knowledge of the candidate.” My advice if you’re new to swaps is to use the CFA text. Fabozzi has written nearly the entire fixed income section…that’s a lot more than I can say for the schweser text.

Hey Guys, any other Readings within Schweser Notes where you think their explanation is not cutting it?