sorry if this has been mentioned before but the end-of-chapter questions in book 4 seem to have a ton of typo’s where if the answer is B, for example, they put “C” as the correct answer and then proceed to explain why choice B is right. anyone else find this? this is really ridiculous. for the amount of money these guys charge they can’t freaking proofread their stuff?

I noticed that too in equity book but suck it up dp. Do we have an option beside using Schweser?

choice d disappeared. and c became b. choice moved up in the questions - but did not get updated on the answer key. you find the update on the schweser website for many of the questions.

Porter Factors question - Q: if schweser buyers have no power, schweser will A - care a lot about its consumers and make sure their questions are proofread B - not give a sh|t about its consumers and leave egregious typos in. Schweser ans. and explanation - correct answer is A obv who gives a sh|t? where else they gonna go!

check the schweser errata for corrections.