Schweser typos

Is anyone else finding a lot of typos in Schweser practice exam/answer combinations? Simple things like a minus sign rather than a multiplicative symbol, but they make you think, “what is this, it’s not what I learned?? What else am I reading that’s not correct??” There have been a number of problems where the solutions are not consistent with the questions, too. Very irritating, makes me feel like I’m wasting my time.

I did not find as many typos as you have described, just a couple that i have come across. I hope I am reading right. Anything conceptually different you have come across? Kanan

I’ve found a number of the answer letters don’t match up correctly with the choice in the question (ie: The answer might be A) 10 but in the answer key it says the answer is B) 10).

I completely agree jdane416!

In corporate finance/portfolio management, is the formula in the back of the book for Purchases turnover supposed to be Revenue/Average Total Purchases? Cause it says COGS/Average Total Purchases. I think they mixed it up with Inventory Turnover, which is COGS/Average Total Inventory. -Richard