Schweser v. CFAI Mock

Is everyone in agreement that the CFA mock was considerably harder than the Schweser mocks?

I took CFA one yesterday and was a little shocked at the score. I got a 68 on AM and a 64 on PM. This is compared to schweser where I have yet to drop below a 71 on any session, and i’ve taken 5 of them.


Yeah i think its definitely harder… I’ve taken all of the Schweser mocks this year and got a 75 on the last one… Took the AM portion of the CFAI mock yesterday and got a 73 but i had a few lucky guesses and i went like 15 mins over the time. Got stuck for a while on that derivatives question set. I’m taking the PM section today.

Yeah I did much better on the CFAI mock than the Schweser mocks so far. I think the CFAI mock is much more straightforward than the Schweser ones.

Actually, after reviewing my mistakes from CFAI mock - I’ve realised that it wasn’t hard as such, it needed me to be really careful and think very very hard before choosing an answer

shootforthestars thats exactly how I feel. There was a question on there that I got wrong simply because I didn’t discount it back to pv.

In the Schweser mock, I saw the face of Satan. CFAIs are challenging and tricky as well but for me Schweser was a definite assassin.

I took the CFAI Mock AM portion about a month ago or so and socred a 64. All my Schweser mocks have been above a 72 with my average being around 76 or so.

Taking the CFAI PM portion shortly and will see if it’s that much harder, or the 64 I inititally received was because I wasn’t prepared yet

Just finished up the PM CFAI mock and got a 68%… Ethics and Alternative investments killed me.

It was opposite for me. I’ve been getting 65-75 on the Schweser mocks and got a 80 when I took the cfai mock this morning. It could just be that I’m 5 mocks in at this point and am getting used to the questions. I think that there weren’t any of the obscure harder concepts/ ethics questions where one word makes it okay and not a violation on the cfai mock

For those of you who score 70+, is that your ‘real’ score? Meaning, if there is a calculation question you don’t know how to do and you guess correctly, do you count that?,

I mark all of my questions that I’m not 100% completely sure on with a ‘?’. The more ?'s next to an answer designates how much of a guess it was.

I just finished the CFAI PM portion, and I finished with 34 questions being marked with at least one ‘?’. Sometimes, I just want a refresher so I put it there so I know to review it later. Either way, I’d still say about 5-6 quetsions per test for me generally come down to either a complete guess, or atleast picking between 2 possible answers.

I don’t mark off points for guessing correctly, but I’m sure if I did my scores would be lower.

if you are scoring above 65% at this point you will pass