Schweser Video CDs

He People, I am thinking about the Schweser video CDs for Level III. Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations? Are they worth their money, or is the Online class thing the better to stay on track? Thanks & have a good weekend!

Use “Search”, report back with what you’ve found

I am a fan of those VCDs. I used in L1 and L2. I loved the fact that you can watch and rewatch those VCD any time you want. I bought them again this year.

I used the video CDs for the firs time last year in L2, thinking it was a great alternative to live instruction because I could watch and rewatch the videos at my leisure. I watched them all once (about 41 hours worth) and never looked at them again. My best analogy for the videos is like watching the evening news - do you get more from the newspaper (text/notes) or from TV (video CDs)?

I watched them for Level 3 last year. Greg Filbeck was good, he did about 40% of the lectures. The other guys were a waste of time (especially the cajun dude, I’m sure they fired him this year, tho’)

I’m leaning towards Schweser’s Premium Solution with the Weekly Online classes, which their website says will be taught by Kuhlman and Filbeck. My quick search of past forums shows that people tend to think Kuhlman is very good, while Filbeck is good if sometimes annoying. In a perfect world I’d get Schweser notes, q-bank, and Stalla’s video classes (which I found useful for L2), but I don’t think Stalla will sell us just the video classes and lecture notes for a reasonable price (and without Olinto I don’t think I’m willing to pay extra for a study guide and passmaster software I won’t use).

I am getting the Premium Solution as well but can’t decide between the VCDs or the Weekly online classes( European time). I used the VCDs for Level 2 because the weekly online classes were US time only. I watched the VCDs on my portable and found them useful. Love to hear what your guys think?

I think the Schweser weekly online classes are offered this year at two different hours, one convenient for “US”-based candidates and one convenient for “European”-based candidates. Both are archived for use at any time.

go4it, you are right. There are two different hours. My problem is to decide whether to go for the VCDs or the online programmes.