schweser video slides

hi guys, Im thinking of getting the schweser video cds but have a question about the book of slides that come with it. I heard the slides are not as in depth as the ones posted for the online course. not sure if this is true or not. cany anyone here verify this? and if this is true, is there a way to buy the more indepth notes from schweser? thanks

I agree that the slides are not detail enough to begin with. It may help you in revisions. Schweser books. …check ebay. There are a number of listings

I will buy the schweser books as well but i intend to supplement them with videos. also i learn better with slides because i take notes on them. basically notes on the notes. speeds up the note taking process - at least for me

Slides are helpful to review the subjects, not to learn them in depth…

ya they do not replace other study methods. anyone else have anything more to add regarding the slides? and how to get the online ones?

slides are good if you want to make quick notes on the side about the topic being discussed, they are not in detail at all, just highlights the topics

I’m not even using the presentation slides that came with the videos. I’m using the videos to make notes in my books and highlight while I follow along. I study better with visuals and sound then just reading a book (faster and easier to pick up on the broad topics). I can always touch back in detail once I have completed all my books.

sounds like a good method. I like sound and visual as well. less boring. How bad are the slides aks1985? are they similar to the textbook slides in university courses? also, did purchasing the videos give you access to online slides and lectures as well thanks

I would not recommend putting money into the Schweser videos, I have watched all the way through them and they basically just state all the conclusions and points without providing much explanation. I find that this is the problem with Schweser in general. This becomes a problem mainly in relation to the FSA section if you don’t have an accounting degree and you want to understand a conclusion rather than just come up with a memorised answer. The one section that the videos are good for is when you are trying to get through, understand and remember the ethics material. In my opinion if you are going to fork out cash for videos, then you might as well pay extra and get Stalla.

gcfa, well the videos have the slide topics in the left column, the video of the speaker above the column and in the center of the video are the slides with the LOS stated right below. You are really following the slides with a speaker’s face on the left and him/her explaining it to you. (Picture of videos available at schweser website). So whether you watch the slides or view the slides in hardcopy, the material is the same. I just like to follow along with the book because the slides cover the material ‘BROADLY’ so I wouldn’t advise to rely solely on the slides. The slides have examples, defintions from the book…i did not get access to any online slides or lectures. Schweser lets you choose online courses or videos…so videos work for me better since i can view them and rewind them at my preference.

I agree with aks1985, videos are too quick on the material A friend of mine gave me his 2007 videos and I can just use them as an intro/presentation to a subject before diving into the textbook or notes. I find it nice to get a feel of unknown subjects through teacher’s explanations, it helps to understand the big picture but it won’t save the pain to master the curriculum :frowning: my 2cents