Schweser Videos on iPad?

Does anyone know of a way to transfer Kaplan Schweser Video presentations onto an iPad?

From a quick topic search i saw that the videos can be converted and played on other devices but does anyone know how to get them on an iPad given the flash issue?

Many Thanks

It’s a bit of a faff but you can use a screen recorder to record the videos as they play and then either convert the output to MP4 or use GoodPlayer or one of many other apps to play the AVI, MPEG or whatever you made. Clearly takes a lot of time, but if you leave the video running while you’re out or sleeping or not using the PC (you don’t need the speakers on, so no noise issue). This also works better than pulling the videos, as the video files on the CD’s are just the video no slides.

Just an additional note: I have done this, but the files are BIG for example Topic Review 21 a little under 2 hours about 4GB. I converted them to MP4 to reduce size, but the quality reduction made the text on the slides a bit fuzzy, which I wasn’t happy with so I stuck with the bigger file size for the improved clarity. If anyone has any ideas about how to resolve this I’d be interested to hear them.

Besides jailbreakng the ipad to play flash, I can’t think of another way to play the videos. Monito, I tried your video capture suggestion, and it’d probably work. I have an old comp, so no dice in that department. However, I think I’ll just record the audio while I’m watching the videos, and transfer them to my ipad or ipod. Instant schweser mp3s. Probably not as nice as the vids but at least they’re more mobile.

Kaplan Schweser Video presentations can play flash videos. But iPad cannot support the flv files. You just convert flash video to mp4 for playing on iPad with kvisoft video converter. If you have any problem, you can learn the guide:

Schweser Videos are in FLV format. To play .flv videos in iPad, you need to convert FLV to MP4 in advance.

Read a tutorial on How to Convert FLV to MP4 and do the conversion.