Schweser videos? or wait for Elan? study plan help!

I’ve been reading the CFAI books (I’m on SS15) and I plan on being done by first wave of the material by mid-Feb. I haven’t done the EOC questions, but have skimmed them and the answers.

my goal was to be done the material by mid-Feb or so and then start Lecture videos as my 1st round of review for each section… however, Elan seems to be dropping the ball (and I got wind that Peter Olinto is not involved with their L3 prep, which turns me off also). Further, I am not a fan of Schweser (used them for L2, videos were rather boring and pretty much a recap of what i just read rather than actually “teaching” the material). their QBank was terrible i thought as well. difficult to navigate, plus they had no vignettes, which is obviously not a help since that is the format of the actual exam.

anyone have any suggestions? has anyone had experience with L3 Schweser videos? are they better than they were for L2? should i just wait it out a few weeks and hope Elan gets their shit together?