Schweser videos - worht it for Level III?

Does anyone have feedback on the Schweser videos for Level III? I used them for Level II and found them helpful but I wanted to hear what others think. Thanks!

I used them for Level II as a review tool, and a way to learn some concepts through repetition by watching a few times throughout my studying. It’s also a great way to get some studying in on those days when you just don’t feel like opening a book. So, I just bought them for Level III as well.

Thanks mdsds. Do you like them so far? I’m leaning towards purchasing them but want to be sure before shelling out over $500.

Haven’t received them yet, but will let you know after I try them (probably this week).

i found the level 2 ones useful, there were some subjects in economics were a guy talking to a graph explaining movements along lines, and moving lines themsleves really made little sense until i saw it explained like that.

At level 3 i have the videos, but have not used them much at all, so far, they really just have been a guy reading notes, without any better insight than you’d get from the book.

For me, i feel i’m kidding myself if i’m in no mood study so i’ll watch a video instead. might as well not study.

When you read SEC filings, research reports, and news articles all day, sometimes it’s hard to open a book in the evening after work. So the videos help people like me for those days. So far, the videos seem very much like Level II. It does seem more like someone reading the notes than Level II, but that’s becasue of the nature of Level III material compared to that of Level II. I am about 2/3 through the first reading of Schweser books, and I started 5 weeks ago. I plan to finish the first reading, then watch the videos. For Level III, I think repetition of the material will be more helpful than previous levels because it is more dense with words than calculations. For that reason, I think the videos are worth it.

Also, the workbook is a good condensed version of the notes.

The level 3 videos are very useful for re-inforcing what you’ve already studied. I’m currently using them - I dont just watch the video, I actively use the workbook alongside (for example: pause the video and work out the examples before the presenter exaplins them, make notes when there’s emphasis on certain items which are critical for the exam etc). They also solve some of the previous year AM papers and specifically provide hints on how the answer could be graded (their guess - CFAI does not release this information). For example after solving an IPS example, the presenter explained how the answer could be graded - it looked as though getting the final answer correct was not enough for a return objective calculation which carried 8 points. The final answer gets you only 1 point. Each step gets you points and the typical steps that you should show was valuable information from the videos which is not exactly explained in the curriculum nor in schweser notes.

Also I noticed that the videos do cover some of the aspects which the notes might have skipped from the curriculum.

Here’s what the videos are NOT: they are not a substitute for reading the material.

I agree with VR. I too am using it along with the workbook extensively…

I think the instructor is really giving some serious examples with the “buzzwords” in the IPS section, which I think would put me in a good place later. (Hopefully)

Some of the videos are too long though for a topic and I actually skip them too…

You’re already past L2 so you must be intelligent to pass L3. It’s only a matter of hardwork and time spent on studying.

Different strokes for different folks. Some find curriculum better vs. prep materials, or videos vs. books, etc.

But when you’re done with the long readings or watching (if videos) or listening (if audios), take rapid quiz at – free trial until 31 March 2013. Unlimited until you finish the whole 3150 questions!

With that argument mate, I was “intelligent” enough to clear my under grad, so I should be intelligent enough to clear Level 1 and in turn level 2 and level 3 - right?

And arent you contradicting yourself when you say, different strokes for different folks - but suggest we all different folks to take quizzes at

The OP was asking a very harmless question or asking a suggestion IMHO.

Thanks for the comments everybody. Let’s try to keep it civil.


My premise specifically mentioned L2, which is regarded as the most difficult and intellectually demanding among 3 levels. I don’t know the quality of your undergrad in India. If you don’t see my point here, you are providing a clue to the second statement of this paragraph.

My premise again was a progression from L2 to L3, which I can’t say to for L1 to L2 as L1 is a piece of cake even for non-finance, non-acctg, non-quant candidates provided they put in the work.

The OP question was a choice between Schweser videos vs. other instruction materials. Mate, instruction as written or videos to absorb the curriculum readings!

rapidquizzer is a practice tool, concept checking not reading/watching digestion! See the difference? No?, I give up on you.

Bad day at office = Convoluted Thinking and frustrations vent at the wrong place or even wrong topic :frowning: Sorry mate, I do see your point now.

And as to standard of undergrad education, I dont think one person like me form a good sample of the population anyway - so you could please ignore that opinion :slight_smile: