Schweser videos worth it?

I’m using the videos for review, and I’m finding at least the first one on ethics to be useless. Anybody have any positive experience?

I am currently using the Schweser vidoes as I go through the curriculum. I’m finding that they are quite helpful for an initial overview but perhaps don’t go into enough detail. My process so far has been: 1) Watch Schweser Video, taking notes in the Seminar Slides Workbook 2) Review Schweser Textbook & Complete Questions 3) Skim Read CFAI Text and complete EOC questions I’m trying to treat it like undergrad, listen to lecture, do readings, answer questions. Plus using Q-Bank when I don’t feel like I have a topic down.

i dont have an finance background, i find the videos extremely useful, but wont be my only source of info. its a bit of an overview for me, i find the ethics really helps me a lot. the first ethic video only talks about cheating and a bit on professionalism, so not that much information in it.