Schweser videos worth it?

I’m using the videos for review, and I’m finding at least the first one on ethics to be useless. Anybody have any positive experience?

oh yessssss. wait till you get to the end. Fixed income man. That guy is wonderful. Also pensions on FSA. I intend to use it for derivetives. FI and derivetives listen before you read. But generally you read first. I alsu bought the audio because it helps reduce distractions

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Agree on the ethics videos,I am not sure it would actually be possible for him to speak any faster?! I am glad I signed up for them, I tend to watch the vids then hit the notes, that way I know what is coming and take the hint on which areas they deem important.

Schweser’s Ethics videos are rubbish. For that matter their entire ethics material is useless. Quant’s worthless as well but only because it’s the same guy who does the ethics. Rest of them are really good - especially FSA, Econ, FI and Derivatives. It will help you get through the CFAI textbooks/ Schweser books faster. There’s no point in watching it as a video though - you need to use the workbook and work through the examples. So I’m not sure it will be useful for review if you are watching it for the first time.

Used schweser videos in '09 and found them to be far more effective than the Live weekly seminars. I say they are a must. Using them in '10. Well worth the money…

The FSA guy makes me laugh - not like how I laughed WITH Peter Olinto, I laugh at this guy (whoever he is) - I’m rocking the '09 version for what it’s worth.

The FSA guy, Jon Bone, taught me in a live class for Level 1 here in Ireland. He’s very good. Dunno about the new dodgy beard he’s sporting mind you!

Yeah, the live class is worth it. I also use it for review, but its supprising how many concepts that I thought I had down were made even clearer in the lecture. The assistants answering questions are also very good. You can ask any questions you want for three hours during the lecture and get immediate responses. Of course the lecture on ethics sucks because ethics sucks.

I have been using them the whole way, I just did SS# 17. I start and stop the video allot and work the problem as they do it this seems to help me. I think any class or video on ethics is a joke, self study on plenty of questions is the only way. Jon Bone I thought was very good, the woman that does Corp Fin and Econ seems a little annoying but for L1 last year I can still remember her saying, “get this in your head you will never pass without memorizing Gordon Growth or CAPM tattoo it on your forehead” she was correct.