Schweser videos

Can they be watched on a handheld device?

Anupa, I’m gonna hazard a guess and say that unless your ‘handheld device’ is a laptop, then probably not. I had the CDs installed on my very, very recently acquired PC and even then they were not the most well-run things. First off, I don’t think there’s even a mac version of the CDs available, which suggests that universal accessability wasn’t top of the developers minds. It plays in a modified internet explorer window that requires about 12 pop-ups to be clicked before the video started. Furthermore, you either need to install the lessons that you want via CD or have a CD drive on your device to play them. Someone more tech-savvy than myself may know a hack to actually access the CD contents and then find a way to move it to a format that will enable playing on a hand-held device. If you mean, “Hey, can I just direct my blackberry device to a certain website or install an app to watch the Schweser videos?”, the answer is “No”. For what it’s worth, I thought the video content was excellent - it’s just the tech side of the videos that isn’t as polished as it could be.

Somebody has to figure out a way to convert an .nrg file format into mp4

.nrg is a Nero proprietary format. Use Nero or a .nrg to .iso converter (standard CD Image format). Once you have converted to .iso - you should be able to read using anything else. got this information from a Google -> “convert .nrg to mp4” search.

Thanks folks!

you definitely can. i ll go home , check the website which allowed me to convert the video. i converted and put it on my ipod :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, CP, I did try converting it to ISO but I am still unable to play it anywhere. My end goal is to play it on my iPOD.

I have got the video CD last year and did manage to convert into mpeg format for playback on BlackBerry. Not sure if it works this year. Look for .wmv files on the disk (you should be able to play in using Media Player). iTunes seems to have problem converting .wmv to MPEG. Try some freeware converters. Hope that helps.

That helps. It is too bad I am unable to locate the .wmv format in the disc. All I see are .nrg files. Anybody know how to convert .nrg files into mp4?

Looks like the format is changed this year. How big are the .nrg files? Is there any other big files on the disk? (Disable hiding hidden files in your Windows explorer) Btw, you can use ISO Burner to open the .nrg files. Alternatively, you can burn the .nrg into a CD using Nero.

Only .nrg files available. My goal is to convert the files to a format that can be played in the iPod so burning it on a CD would not be helpful at this time. Any more suggestions from the tech wizzes?

Did you try opening the .nrg files using “ISO Burner”?

Okay, this is way off topic, but it pertains to one of my favorite things to do to my friends. That is what you should have posted. Not making fun of anyone, it’s just that the entire concept of a “let me google that for you” website is great.

What type of software is ISO Burner? Unfortunately, I have not tried it yet. I will give it a go.

Starting my post with a disclaimer - Not a techie and need some guidance I have last year’s videos and I’m trying to get this on my IPOD as well. Some posts talked about nrg/wav files…is there one CD that has these files OR do you have to go through all the CDs and pull the nrg/wav files?

For those of you who have last year’s CDs, use Videora IPOD converter (free). It converted the windows media format to the IPOD format. Once you’ve installed the application, it walks you through the process. For each study session, you will have to go into each subfolder of the study session to convert the windows media file. For example, study session 5 has 5 subfolders and each subfolder has 1 windows media file. Only thing I noticed was that the presentation slides don’t come up. Not sure if there is fix for that.

Videora did not work for me. It did not even recognize what .nrg is. I am beginning to think this is an endless journey.

I have last years CD’s how do you get it to come up with the presentation slides on windows media player? I can only get the video by its self

I’m stuck to mounting it on DT in order to get the interactive presentation slide.

Cpepin - same here…could only get the videos on the IPOD, not the slides…