schweser videos

hey everyone, i have been pretty busy traveling for work and in the process of buying a place, so have been crunched on time lately. i have gotten through over half of the material but am having a tough time focusing when i do have time to study. i passed L1 in december, so am feel like i burnt out pretty quickly this time around and having a hard time buckling down and rifling through the material. i have the schweser premium package so it includes the video DVD courses. would anyone be able to compliment on how well these teach the material? i am considering that the video lessons may be more productive than my slow paced studying right now. let me know of your success (or lack there of) if you have experience with the schweser videos. thanks, JM

I think they work pretty well during revision and not your first read. What l mean is that they kind of leave some basic stuff and give you fewer examples than the textbook. I would suggest reading textbook for your difficult areas and then videos for areas you find easier to grasp. But they are not bad at all except Andrew Holmes is rather too fast at times - for Quantz, Ethics and Equity.