Schweser Videos

How helpful are they ? If I purchase, would you guys recommend viewing it for every reading or only the key topics/topics I would find difficult ? I do think I’m short of time since I am yet to complete my first full reading of the syllabus. My first read should get done by march end. I read Schweser, Schweser EOC & CFAI EOC. Please let me know how useful the vidoes would be to me and If I buy em should I be doing each reading from it as well. Thanks. Best Regards, -TDK88

I tapped out to the Schweser videos in about three hours. They are essentially one of the instructors in a room that is completely empty (aside from a small plant) reading you the Schweser notes almost word for word. They are accompanied by a powerpoint presentation that too is essentially the bullet point version of the Schweser Notes. I got the videos because in my mind I thought if there were something I didn’t understand, like synthetic CDO structure for example, I could pop in the video and have an instructor flesh it out for me and give me some context beyond the notes, or a new way of thinking about it. This just simply isn’t the case unfortunately. The instructors are good, but they don’t add enough value to make it worthwhile. People have different learning styles, but I would think almost universally an hour spent studying independently or doing EOC questions is a more effective use of time. If you can’t afford the videos, find a friend to sit across from you in your garage and read you the CFAI text aloud in a British accent. You’ll get 95% of the effect.

I’m currently going through the schweser videos and I find them very useful for review. The Quants and Econs sections were very good, the guy goes deep into the explanation and I think it makes the concepts stick into your head. However, I’m currently on the FRA sections and I just don’t like the lecturers on these sections. They are more or less reading the slides in the most boring possible way without any explanation.

Been using the videos myself and i think they’re great for a fast recap once youve read the material or a quick overview prior to reading. Eitherway, I wouldnt use them as a substitute to actually reading Schweser Notes but more as a supplement.

I would sign up for 7 city. Best instructors in the business.

I think the videos are useful. I have bought the Schweser videos and viewed it once through. It was able to provide me with a high level understanding of the material before I start digging into the Schweser notes. I don’t think I will have another 40 hours to view it through the second time so I am looking to sell my copy now. It’s new (viewed once). I am going to sell it at a 30% discount from the Schweser price. If interested please email me at dmzh811 at

they help, but definitely not very cost effective. I wouldnt pay for it myself (If your employer pays for it out of their training fund then by all means get it.)